Genalle Passanante-Day

      Genalle was born and raised in Pittsburgh. After living on a bus for 4 years as a dancer with The Duquesne University Tamburitzans, she moved to NYC stiff, sick, and in constant pain from fibromyalgia. After 2 months of touring the world, with another dance company, she returned to the US feeling 4 times her age, and realizing she had to do something. When a friend suggested Bikram Yoga, Genalle quickly wrote it off, having tried yoga before and finding no relief from her symptoms. But the friend persisted, and Genalle was hooked from the first class and was astonished to be almost always pain free on days she took class (which quickly turned into everyday!)
       Genalle and her husband have since moved back to Pittsburgh and are budding entrepreneurs! In three years they have opened three locations of the Pittsburgh Popcorn Company, founded Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh, and Sweetlix Tart Frozen Yogurt. Although Genalle is no longer the director of Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh her and her husband are proud to bring Pittsburghers the many joys associated with their businesses and she is ecstatic that she can now live in her hometown AND practice Bikram Yoga, something not previously possible!!!