Kim Cermak 

      Kim has been a dedicated Bikram yoga student since 2000, and with each passing year her appreciation and gratitude for the practice continues to grow.  In 2004 she traveled to India with Bikram Choudhry and a group of fellow students, visiting the school in Kolkata, Ghosh Yoga College, where Bikram studied with his life-long guru. In the fall of 2010, Kim made the decision to commit her time to sharing the wisdom that has impacted her life so profoundly. She completed the Bikram Teacher Training in San Diego, California and started teaching in Berwyn, Pennsylvania.  Kim is particularly interested in the centering aspect of the practice and helping each student find this within.

      Kim has worked for both profit and nonprofit organizations with a focus on intercultural understanding, international civilian peace-keeping and the development of economic independence in minority communities. She is the co-owner of a small commercial real estate company and works part-time as a cross-cultural consultant. Kim has a Master of Liberal Studies: Focus on the Impact of Religion on Cultural Values from the University of Minnesota, and a Bachelor of Science in International Business and Marketing from the University of Colorado. She has lived in France and Luxembourg and has traveled extensively.