Native Pittsburgher, one-time New Yorker and Mexican War Streets resident, Paco Mahone first stepped into the hot room 4 years ago with a Groupon gift in hand. After years to trying many styles of Yoga seeking stillness in his restless and creative mind, Bikram’s 26 postures and two breathing exercises offered the first break in finding stillness and quiet when the mind manically raced. Paco started touring as a musician in his late teens and can be found playing jazz and other styles around town. He has been quietly writing fiction for ten years and is a devoted husband and father to two boys.
When he isn’t playing or practicing bass, writing or reading Paco also enjoys more things involving words, sounds and sweating often practicing well into the night, taking other yoga styles or doing extra yoga “homework” to maintain dedication to mind body and soul. He also enjoys reading spiritual texts, playing with Legos and his sons, walking a spunky little dog and is obsessed with Star Wars, Prince (the musician) and VIDEO GAMES!!! Paco is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Bikram Yoga Pittsburgh community every day.
Through yoga we live, learn and play moving closer and closer to a deeper understanding of self. Always… Patience. Compassion. Faith. Namaste.